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Age-Friendly Homes – International Day of Disabled People

What has it got to do with me?” you might ask.

a LOT is the answer….

International Day of Disabled People, 3rd December 2020

Today is a time to celebrate the achievements of people, society and legislative achievements in creating a more inclusive world for all of us, especially people with a disability.

And it matters to me. And I think it matters for you.

You have probably heard that 1 in 5 of us are statistically likely to have a disability. In fact, we are all likely to experience disability in our later life, but this is not a doom and gloom story…..

This is a story about you and I, getting on with our respective lives and ageing just a teeny tiny bit each day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel much differently to how I did 30 years ago, and I hope that I won’t feel any different in 30 years’ time. My spirit and zest will likely be the same – but I will have aged.

If I am very lucky, my body will age organically. That means I might not master my Sudoku as quickly, I might be a bit stiffer and I might find those top shelves or shoelaces harder to reach; And probably my energy levels will be less than when I was 20 years old, but I will still be living independently and choosing what I do each day.

My chances (as a fairly healthy very-late-forty-something) of experiencing that kind of ageing in my twighlight years? Less than 30%

I am much more likely to be living my last 18 years in what is called my Disability-Adjusted Life Years where I find some everyday activities difficult or exhausting. And that is true for you too. (Read this if you don’t believe me)

So, as we acquire health conditions and impairment as a result of ageing, what will keep us being the ‘us‘ we know and love? Well, we need to embrace both futures as a possible reality, and plan for all eventualities!

Click below to read more articles and find out what you can do to plan for your future, including:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle (I will spare you my vlog about learning Bhangra dance skills over YouTube)
  • Future-proof your home for independence (It is easier and cheaper than you might think)
  • Plan financially (Pensions, care costs, LPA’s – the lot)

(We take our statistics and research from high quality sources such as the Office for National Statistics, English Homes Survey and approved research from the Centre for Ageing Better – just ask us if you want to know more)

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