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“I’m making home improvements and want to future proof them.  How do I do this?”
This is a question we’re often asked, and our Design Review Service is the answer. If you’re planning your own Grand Design, undertaking a refurbishment or planning an extension, we offer practical suggestions for future independent living at home.

For example, would you benefit from incorporating discreet handrails in the bathroom? What about adjusting cabinet heights (or windows) to make them easier to open and close? Should there be more lighting, so it’s safer to move around? Could plug sockets be more accessible?
Whether we’re collaborating with your Architect or developing plans from scratch, we keep your vision for the space and taste in design front and centre – recommending features and enhancements that complement what you want the result to look like.


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Future-Fit Checklist Design Review Plan Development
We give your architect or designer a checklist with elements to consider for future independent living at home. They can then factor these best-practice suggestions into your plans.If you already have plans (as a scaled pdf or CAD drawing), we review them and make suggestions on how to improve safety, reduce fall risks and address other age-related concerns – all while complementing your design and colour schemes.If you’re not using a professional architect, designer or surveyor, we work with you to develop plans for your project, realising your vision while keeping independent living in mind. You can then pass these on to your builder.
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