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From just £19.99

When you’ve lived in a property for years, it’s hard to pick up on little things that become barriers and risks to living independently as you get older. After all, what you want (and need) from your home evolves over time. Our HomeCheck Services gives you a blueprint for future independent living at home. Whether you just want a Checklist of ideas, the advice of one of our experts for 30 minutes or our fully tailored home assessment and report service, there is something to suit every budget.

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Design Review Service

From just £29.99

“I’m making home improvements and want to make them ‘future fit.’ How do I do this?”
This is a question we’re often asked, and our Design Review Service is the answer. If you’re planning your own Grand Design or undertaking a refurbishment or extension, we offer practical suggestions for future independent living at home from as little at £29.99.

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Relocation Service

From just £39.99

When’s the best time to downsize? How do I choose the right property? How can I make the moving process easier?
If you’re contemplating any of these questions, our Relocation Service will help (and reduce the stress involved in the process).

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Future proof your home today for a better tomorrowhouse future proof

Coming Soon: Future Fit Home self-assessment app
Award-winning, expertise at your fingertips, without even leaving your home!

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