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When you’ve lived in a property for years, it’s hard to pick up on little things that become barriers and risks to living independently as you get older. After all, what you want (and need) from your home evolves over time.Our Home Check Service gives you a blueprint for future independent living at home.

An expert assessor reviews your home and garden and prepares a comprehensive report with personalised suggestions on how to reduce fall risks and improve safety and accessibility – while coordinating with your taste in design and even adding value to your property.

Practical Suggestions

We give you personalised suggestions you can implement quickly and easily over the short, medium and long term. Whether it’s moving a rug or changing light levels, many don’t even involve building work or new fixtures. They’re inexpensive or free, and are creative ways of adjusting what you have to reduce risks that only come up as you get older.

Stylish Recommendations

We look at features and enhancements that complement your design – and can even add value to your property. And you’ll be surprised at how beautiful many so-called accessible products are. If you do need to add grab rails in the shower or task lighting in the kitchen, you have a range of stylish options that fit your design and colour scheme.

Future Planning

Think about your vision for your retirement. Have you actively considered the role your home will play in making that vision a reality? Too many people forget to consider this – we find it’s the neglected piece of the retirement jigsaw. Your Home Check report makes it easy to address this important area, so you can plan with more confidence.



Design Service Review

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Design Service Review

Are you planning a bathroom or kitchen refurbishment? Or perhaps thinking about an extension or renovation to your home?

Let us help you make the design fit for the future. We will work you’re your Architect or designer to make the most out of your home.

We will review of the Architect’s plans (Scaled pdf or CAD) and specifications and make suggestions, where necessary, to maximize the space for independent living in later life. We will also use our extensive database of products, fittings, and fixtures to make suggestions for the specification of the works to suit you and your household.

We can also help you with the preparation of specifications and drawings for issue to your chosen builder where you are not using a professional (Architect / Surveyor etc).

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