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When you’ve lived in a property for years, it’s hard to pick up on little things that become barriers and risks to living independently as you get older. After all, what you want (and need) from your home evolves over time. Our HomeCheck assessment will give you a blueprint for future independent living at home and help you create the age-friendly home that is right for you.

You can choose from a range of options in our HomeCheck suite:

  • A simple checklist and guide (£19.99)
  • Online or telephone advice from one of our experts (30 mins from £65)
  • Full HomeCheck assessment – choose from an in-person visit (from £499) or if you prefer we can do a video assessment (Either live via Zoom, Whereby or WhatsApp or you can send a walk-through video for one of our assessor to review) from just £99

An expert assessor reviews your home and garden and prepares a comprehensive report with personalised suggestions on how to reduce fall risks and improve safety and accessibility – while coordinating with your taste in design and even adding value to your property.

Practical Suggestions
Older house with a simple adaptation of better steps and a simple painted handrail.

We give you personalised suggestions you can implement quickly and easily over the short, medium and long term. Whether it’s moving a rug or changing light levels, many  suggestions don’t even involve building work or new fixtures. They’re inexpensive or free, and are creative ways of adjusting what you have to reduce risks that only come up as you get older.

Stylish Recommendations

We look at features and enhancements that complement your design – and can even add value to your property. And you’ll be surprised at how beautiful many so-called accessible products are. If you do need to add grab rails in the shower or task lighting in the kitchen, you have a range of stylish options that fit your design and colour scheme.

Future Planning

Think about your vision for your retirement. Have you actively considered the role your home will play in making that vision a reality? Too many people forget to consider this – we find it’s the neglected piece of the retirement jigsaw. Your HomeCheck report makes it easy to address this important area, so you can plan with more confidence.


What to Expect During Your HomeCheck

  • Your in-person HomeCheck appointment lasts about 2 hours (and the virtual assessment is 1-hr).
  • Your assessor starts by chatting with you about your property and situation. We cover topics like what you like about your home and garden and what concerns you have. We also give you a questionnaire to complete.
  • We begin on the ground floor, walking through all the rooms starting at the entrance. You’ll see your assessor measuring doorways, looking for trip hazards, reviewing window heights, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixings and much more. (The virtual visit is an observational assessment and we don’t take measurements)
  • Then we move up the stairs, through the upper floors, and finish in the garden (we don’t need to look in any of your drawers or cupboards). Throughout, you’ll see your assessor taking copious notes and photographs.
  • After the review, we sit down with you to discuss our top-level findings, giving you a flavour for the suggestions we’ll make in the report.
  • You get a personalised report complete with pictures and links to relevant product options, so it’s easy to browse and buy what’s right for you. It also includes links to sources of care advice and tips on independent living. You get one hard copy, and we send a digital copy to you and up to 3 other friends and family members.


Book Your Virtual HomeCheck Appointment online today

Get in touch with us via email (info@livingwellathome.co.uk) or call the office on 0800 44 88 248 to learn more and arrange a convenient time for your in-person HomeCheck assessment.

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