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We look forward to visiting you and your home to undertake our HomeCheck Assessment. We will visit you in-person or online on a a date and time that suits you best – it is your choice!

You can book an HomeCheck Assessment appointment for yourself or a family member / friend but you must have their express permission to do so. You will be asked to provide both your contact details and the householder’s details (if different).

See Online Booking Page

Our attached Terms and Conditions of booking apply to any bookings made online or over the telephone.

After you book, you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment and further information including our Terms and Conditions which can also be found here. Your statutory rights and rights to cancel are preserved at all times.

Good to Know:

Online Meetings – You will receive a link to the online meeting room – your assessor will record the meeting to assist them in preparing the report. The best device to use is a tablet with both a front and rear camera because this gives you a better view of your assessor, but alternatively a contemporary smartphone with front facing AND rear camera will do just as well. Please make sure your device is fully charged and connected to a strong wifi (Broadband) or a good 4/5G data source.

In-Person Visits – Our staff follow strict in-person protocols to safeguard the safety and health for you and them – this includes appropriate PPE and regular sanitising. We ask you to ensure there is plenty of fresh air in the property and that you re-schedule the appointment if anyone present is showing any symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19 (and variants)

Permission to act for someone else – Remember, if the the booking is for someone else, you must always have the explicit consent of the household to book on their behalf (or hold an authorised and enacted Power of Attorney). You also agree to arrange for our Assessor to gain access to the property at the time and date that the appointment is booked for.

We are all human – You don’t have to tidy up! We want to see you and support you exactly as you are, you don’t need to rush around tidying or cleaning the house before our in-person or virtual visit. That said, for the virtual visit, we strongly recommend that you remove any objects or trailing cables from the main circulation routes around your property and garden that may cause a trip hazard as you walk around with your device in hand during the assessment.

Safety and Safeguarding – We also have strict protocols about properties that pose a hazard to our assessors (and our customers) – excessively cluttered or hazardous environments, dangerous animals and derelict or structurally unsound properties will not be suitable for assessment. Our assessors have our full support and training to feel confident in identifying properties or people that put them and others at risk – and we take our duty to report a safeguarding concern very seriously.

Recording the visit – We need to take digital records of our in-person or virtual visit in order to be able to prepare the report and offer up good advice. This data is kept securely using GDPR compliant processes. We will never release personally identifiable information (except where required by Law) to a third party. We like to share examples of good practice or inspiring and challenging situations and may occasionally use a non-identifiable image of a space or solution to inspire others. Please let your assessor know if you do not wish for images of your property to be used publicly.

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