When you’ve lived in a property for years, it’s hard to pick up on things that become barriers and risks to living independently as you get older.

With a heritage in architecture and inclusive design, we have an eye for little adjustments that make a big difference when it comes to living safely and having peace of mind at home.

This expertise, combined with our knowledge of manufacturers and product ranges, means we give impartial suggestions on what best meets your needs and matches your taste in design.

Emma_Luddington_founder-of-LivingWellAtHomeLiving Well at Home is the brainchild of Emma Luddington, a RIBA Chartered Architect with 25 years’ experience in accessible and inclusive design. After speaking to friends and family dealing with the home care services minefield, she realised there weren’t easy ways to get personal recommendations aimed at helping people make their properties more accessible.

She founded Living Well at Home as a dedicated property adaptation advice service – unique in the UK – and the team of expert assessors now gives fast, practical and tailored advice so people don’t have to go on waiting lists, navigate complicated public services or do hours of research for generic solutions related to simplifying care in the home.

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