Age-Friendly Homes

Age-friendly Homes – The Basic Principles

Age-friendly homes are ones that meet your needs at all stages of life, particularly in later life. In our Blog pages you will find useful tips, ideas and inspiration to future-proof your or your loved-one's home.

So what exactly are Age-Friendly Homes for later life?

Tip 1: Age-friendly homes are ones that meet your needs at all stages of life, but particularly in later life.

But here is the problem – only about 8% of UK homes have the 4 main features that make a home accessible. 

  1. Step-free entrance
  2. WC on the entry level
  3. Wide enough doors (These are door with a space of 75cm or more  pass through them)
  4. Wide enough corridors (at least 90cm of space, or more if you have to turn a sharp corner)

Which of these features does your own home have? Or perhaps you are thinking about a loved one’s home?

These features are the key to unlocking the accessibility of your home if you need some kind of walking aid, a wheelchair or are unable to comfortably climb the stairs to get regular access to a toilet. But not everyone needs these features immediately….

The good news is that even if your home doesn’t have these key features, there are still so many things that you can do to make your home more age-friendly, and we will cover these in our Age-friendly series. 

Read our articles on Simple Changes to find out more.

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