Live at Home for Longer into Later Life

Planning-home-for-later-life‘An Englishman’s Home is his Castle’ – castle, house, bungalow or narrow boat – it doesn’t matter what shape it is, just so long as we can call it home.

Our home is part of our identity, we choose it (for the most part), furnish it, decorate it and choose who we let into it.  We know our neighbourhood and all the good places to go nearby.  Home is the place that we love and know the best.  So why should we have to leave all behind that when we get older?

Throughout our lives our needs and aspirations change – and we just expect our home to flex and adapt with us.  Sometimes we outgrow its four walls and sometimes it outgrows us.  But what we don’t expect is for our home to stop us living the way we want to – but that is what can happen as we get older –  Steps become a challenge, the bath edge is a bit too high and the floor a bit too slippery, the garden seems a lot bigger than it did 20 years ago and reaching the top of the kitchen cabinet is a little bit more precarious.  It is not our fault or something we did, its the natural process of ageing – and it is the home that is no longer supporting us.

Luckily with some small adjustments, and occasionally some larger adaptations you can unlock the potential of your home to let you live independently, comfortably and safely in the home you love for much longer.

Living Well at Home Ltd is here to help and please enjoy the pages of this blog and our website http://www.livingwellathome.co.uk and look forward to your independent future.

Emma and the team

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