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Your Home – the last piece of your Retirement jigsaw?

Image of a white jigsaw with one loose piece that has the word 'home' on it indicating that this is the missing piece of the retirement jigsaw. Think about your vision for your retirement. Have you actively considered the role your home will play in making that vision a reality? Many people forget to consider this – it’s often the neglected piece of the retirement jigsaw.

When you’ve lived in a property for years, it’s hard to pick up on little things that become barriers and risks to living independently as you get older. After all, what you want (and need) from your home evolves over time.

Home Check, our most popular service, makes it easy to address this important area.

Home Check – your blueprint for independent living at home

One of our Insured, DBS-checked Assessors will review your home and garden and prepare a comprehensive report with personalised suggestions on how to reduce fall risks, improve safety and maximise accessibility – while complementing your taste in design and often adding value to your property. The report comes complete with pictures and useful links, so it’s easy to browse and choose what’s right for you.

Our property adaptation advice services – unique in the UK – give you fast, practical and tailored advice, so you can plan your future life at home with more confidence.

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