Helping your relatives

Are you visiting older relatives this Christmas?

Are you visiting older relatives this christmas? Top tips for helping your loved ones live well, at home, in later life.

Tip 1: If you are concerned about your relative, talk to them and find out what they are thinking and feeling. That is to say, you can’t help them if you don’t understand what it is that they want or need. And they may not want a Residential Care Home, only 7% of people favour this option! Reading our Tip 1 Blog is a good starting point for this….

Tip 2: Are you worried about their memory? Or their physical condition or their mental state? There is no single test to assess risk, however, there are some simple checks you can do yourself. Read our Tip 2 Blog, where we also identify organisations that may be able to help you too.

Tip 3: You can help your loved one to cope better in their own home with some simple changes to it. For instance, improving the security and lighting. Or perhaps you can spot and removing any trip hazards or fall risks. That way you can help them to retain their independence. There are many more things you can do to future-proof a home. Read here to find out more…..

Tip 4: Plan for the future…. and, no matter how hard it is, talk about death. We know this can be a hard thing to do. In Tip 4’s blog, we look at some options on how to discuss your loved one’s preferences and plans without causing upset or distress.

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