Helping your relatives Stay Put or Go?

Age-Friendly Homes – Should I stay put or go? Article 1

Should I stay put or go? Have you ever thought about relocating – either yourself or someone else? 

Sometimes your home may not suit you perfectly anymore, and the obvious answer seems to be to move somewhere else.  However, before you decide whether to stay put or go, make sure you have considered all options for making your existing home more Age-friendly.  (Remember, have a browse through our Blogs for advice. Then check our range of services, to help you make the most of whatever property you choose to live in.)

One of our clients, Joyce went through her own ‘Stay Put or Go’ journey. Joyce was so delighted by our service that she wrote us a poem about her experience.  Enjoy!

This is one of a series of ‘Stay Put or Go’ articles. Everyone is different and we hope this series helps you make the best decision. The next article in the series sets out some of the considerations.

Perhaps you are worried about a loved one and wonder whether they should stay living in their own home? Or perhaps you think a move to a residential home or nursing home might be better? If so, You can read some of our focus articles such as this one to help you help them.

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