Age-Friendly Homes Small Changes

Age-Friendly Homes – Small Changes Series – Tip #1 – Rugs and Mats

Rugs and Mats are useful but can create a real trip hazard if they don’t sit flat to the floor, are too thick or slip and move.

Adjustment #1: Rugs and Mats

Although rugs and mats are brilliant at giving a room personality, soaking up muddy pawprints or keeping your feet warm – they are also one of the biggest trip risks in a home.

And tripping means trouble if the impact of a fall results in injury.

What should I do, I love my rugs?

You don’t necessarily need to get rid of rugs, but move them out of the main routes, especially if they are thick or shaggy pile.  

An example of keeping the main routes clear of trip hazards at the stunning Calamansac Accessible Holiday Home by Cowan Architects

The best kind of rugs to have are short pile rugs with rubber backing, such as the range by Turtle Mats.  But if you don’t have these, then add a non-slip underlay underneath the ones you do have, such as the Foxi Rug Tamer range – making sure this non-slip underlay goes to the edges, or use corner sticks.

As soon as your rug starts to curl at the edges then it is time to upcycle it!

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