Grand Designers and Home Refurbishers – Is your home the right kind of HAPPI? [No, that isn’t a spelling mistake]

HAPPI is is a design code of 10 principles for a healthy, social and comfortable home life.

HAPPI homes have plenty of light and space with a focus on healthy homes.  They also integrate accessible age friendly design features like bathrooms with walk-in, curb free showers. Although the HAPPI reports are primarily focussed on the shared living environments like retirement communities, most of the principles hold true to individual homes too:

  • Space and flexibility
  • Daylight in the home (and in shared spaces)
  • Balconies and / or outdoor space
  • Adaptability and ‘care ready’ design
  • Positive use of circulation space
  • Plants, trees, and the natural environment
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable design
  • Storage for belongings and bicycles
  • (External shared surfaces and ‘home zones’ – for communal living)
  • (Shared facilities and ‘hubs’ – for communal living)
HAPPI – A home with plenty of natural light and views to nature

To learn more, visit the HousingLiN’s HAPPI homes pages.

And remember, we can help you make sure your dream home is a future-proofed home and age-friendly through our range of design review services. There is something there to suit every budget.

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