Making Financial Sense of the Health and Social Care crisis

And wow, what a crisis this is….

There is no doubt that publicly funded health and social care is in a pickle.  Moreover, the population is ageing and there’s a shortfall in the human capital needed to deliver good quality care. Something has to change.   And the good news is that there is a solution – it is called ‘Prevention’ and society is starting to take notice.

[See below for details of a new Return on Investment tool for investing in Older People, by Public Health England]

Of course, our HomeCheck services are a vital part of the solution. Through small changes we keep people living well and independently at home. Our mantra ‘Small Changes for a Big Difference’ has never been truer…… Take a look at our video introduction to find out why.

Quantifying the benefits

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Public Health England has recently published a new report and ‘Return on Investment’ tool. As a result, Local Authorities, Integrated Care Systems / Integrated Care Partnerships and local AHSN’s can now make more sense of the return on investment on preventative measures (Like the HomeCheck services).

This is music to our ears, because we know first-hand what a difference a small investment in prevention work can make. Not just to the long-term prognosis and quality of life for many older, vulnerable and disabled people – but also for our stretched public services.

It makes societal, personal and financial sense to future proof our homes and our lives. Public Health England Reports:

  • Investment in Reablement (helping people live more independently) can deliver a huge  £4.71 equivalent Social ROI for every £1 invested.
  • Modest Home Modifications brought about a significant reduction in the incidence of falls at home for older people – the equivalent to a £3.17 saving to the NHS and Social Care for every £1 invested and  a whopping Social ROI of £7.34 for every £1 invested

You can see the Return on Investment tool here: Making Sense of the Health and Social Care Crisis

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CPD and Training for Professionals in the Inclusive Design and Later Life Sector

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Do you cater for the specific needs and aspirations of people in Later Life? Or would you like to? SOLLA (The Society of Later Life Advisers) offers a range of courses and professional qualifications to help you deliver the best advice you can to suit older people.

For Everyone

And don’t forget, we regularly run our HomeCheck training courses if you want to add HomeCheck assessments to your portfolio of skills.

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